Currie Country Education Branch is led by Gypsy and Rory Togo (Jane Currie line) who lead a professional rich cultural learning experience as industry trained professionals with years of experience in the education sector. 


Choose from one of our incredibly enriching programs that have been tailored and implemented with outstanding results in curriculum-based school settings and within the Early Years Learning Framework fundamentals designed as both a stand-alone workshop or a continuance of cultural education + knowledge with each stage of content designed to enhance the previous learning material.


All programs are facilitated by authentic Traditional Owners with extensive community knowledge and high levels of education + experience in their field.


We centre the child as an active participant in the world around them.


*ACARA outcomes are identified in accordance with EYLF guidelines. 


Age 18 seasons old (3 yrs) -
30 seasons old (5 yrs)

Birung Jali  (little tree)

This early childhood service-based package provides children with a hands-on interactive immersion experience to foster children’s learning and development with a strong focus on the fundamentals of EYLF.


The program has a strong focus on language, music, movement and art using a unique interactive experience of sounds, touch, + interaction with senses, listening to your body, your thoughts. Getting to know imagination, dream thinking, + daydreaming.


We use, clap sticks, eucalypt leaves didgeridoo (feeling the vibration of sounds) + ancient painting tools + resources.


A group time corroboree style activity is followed by small hands-on groups incorporating elements that develop + enhance the key components of a child’s learning.


Corroborees were a celebration of uniting nations + gifts of exchange, knowledge +  information. 


This package culminates with a bush tucker tasting plate.


Stage 1 Grade 1-2

This school-based program utilises rich language-based curriculum content clusters to develop knowledge of Aboriginal concepts + further enhance the basic learning outcomes of this education stage.


Children will have the opportunity to have an interactive music + movement experience in a corroboree style environment as well as research the school environment + discuss the historical significance of the land they stand on as within the Aboriginal nation.


The children will be exposed to local language, concept of fire making, tool construction + Indigenous engineering principles  + resource collecting enabling them to be confident + involved learners enriching their own self-identity + sense of belonging connecting them to the country that they live on.


Traditional art resources + tools will be provided + children will be their own autonomists to create and build from the environmental school landscape.


This package culminates with a bush tucker tasting plate.


Stage 2 Grade 3-4

This school-based program focuses on the child as an autonomist learner incorporating all key learning areas of the Australian school curriculum for this stage.


We build on current school knowledge + complement that with Indigenous excellence, the Aboriginal contribution of excellence in the sciences, engineering, law + medicine + land care + an eco principle of responsibility. "You are enough" Utilising identified learning areas and achievement standards our program introduces a First Nations people concept that all these areas of learning are combined into a collective learning principle of the world around us and the child as an integral part of that world.


Children will have the opportunity to develop inquiry and problem-solving skills. They will be introduced to the significance of the school’s historical landscape, local language, cultural knowledge concepts and methodical investigation as an opportunity to enhance conceptual development.


They will also be led in a corrobboree style activity to develop music and movement as a teaching and learning concept.


This program culminates in a small group-based activity to develop a unique interactive dreamtime narrative for their group based in cultural identity concepts and connection to land and community.


Grades 7/8/9

This cultural workshop has been put together to support the social-spiritual + emotional understanding of the world around us based on the cultural context of Aboriginal principles + learning and integrating them into outcomes for secondary maturing school-aged children.


The focus will be on local language introduction, development of self, local Aboriginal landscape significance, rites of passage and ritual. The focus is to enliven a sense of self within the world, to feel at ease with internal knowing that "you are enough". 


A corroboree style activity will introduce them to daily activities.


They will be introduced to star mapping concepts, astronomy,  the importance of Aboriginal principles of being, at ease internally + being of service as a value within a community.


The students will be involved in a variety of small group activities from fire making, weaving, paint making, clay work and tool building.


The children will begin to see the ancient ways of Aboriginal culture as the world sees other ancient civilisations such as  Rome or Egypt. 


This will culminate in a small group activity where children will have the opportunity to build their own community with defined roles + specific concepts in line with traditional Aboriginal lore + culture leading with compassion, seeing value in every one else and acknowledging value within themselves to assist in developing an awareness of the current cultural landscape + develop an evaluating + reflecting skill.


Students will work through simple interactive workbooks to extend the learning outcomes.


Grades 10/11/12

This cultural workshop discusses the role as "discoverer" in life. The role and responsibility of learning + exploring failing forward + showing internal courage in the belief that you are supported by ancestors, others, family + community to believe in your greatness, in your magic, in your uniqueness. 


We share the role of totems in Aboriginal philosophy, + theology, animal energy and life force that signals they everything has its role, its beauty, its value.


We explore the Aboriginal principles of patience, leaning + learning from nature the art of patience, that everything comes at the right time. We teach the art of failing forward in courage, + loving that journey.


We share the value of internal belief above all the chatter of the world to explore mindfulness, conscious living + learning and integrating them into outcomes for secondary school-aged children.


This program focuses on students being the autonomists and developers of the future. It encourages the art of mind focus, to understand intuition, gut feelings + the validation of self-trust.  The program extends on previous concepts by delving deeper into cultural competence language content and Aboriginal protocols + principles for being "enough".


This program also has a stand-alone component on the impact of human activity on the environment + the interdependence of living things.


A corroboree style activity will introduce them to the concept of sharing + building relationships, self-trust +  mindful internal communication.

The students will be involved in a variety of small group activities from fire making, weaving, ochre paint making, clay work + tool building, using leadership consensus building and cooperation with others and the environment as a central theme. 


This will be followed by a small group activity to assist in developing an awareness of internal faith, trust + connection to self.


Students will work through simple workbooks to extend the learning outcomes + demonstrate their increasing knowledge.


Inspiration - Courage - Self Love

This senior secondary school program identifies the eight key learning areas, the seven general capabilities and the three cross-curriculum priorities and incorporates them into a workshop based interactive learning experience that can be varied dependant on ages and stages of children’s learning.


Our programs is designed to inspire, engage + enhance the current Australian curriculum and work alongside the education system to develop well rounded, articulate, enquiry based, self-reflecting autonomists with a sense of belonging + identity, based on Aboriginal principles. 


We believe that this stage the learning focus is interwoven with the varied complex dynamic of personality and uniqueness, connection and experiences, relationships and decision making.


"Courage to be oneself boldly"


Our program aims to interweave wellbeing, optimism, a positive attitude to learning, intrinsic motivation + the ability to construct their own understanding of the world around them + their place in it.


The students will be supported in a kind, safe + friendly environment as they are led through cultural concepts, hands-on activities + enquiry-based learning skills, developing self-leadership, self-love + internal confidence. 

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