Introducing Currie Country Social Change

Hub of Support for Work and Career 

Currie Country Social Change is a First Nations company committed to delivering the highest quality of empowered Career Development where you are the most important part of our effort.


We connect you to Inspired Training driven by your passion and purpose to support positive recruitment.


We offer Currie Country Mentoring for the ongoing workplace and career support in Post Placement that aligns with your spirit for effective career management.


We work with you to make a job a career or make a career a lifestyle.  

As an Aboriginal company we are deeply connected to culture, country, and our people, we have walked the experience to support your experience.  

We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing outstanding service to make a change in your life that allows you to flourish and create the life that you want. 


Our Aim is to work with Education, Training and Employment to open career and employment opportunities for you that create a life that serves your spirit.

We are the place where you are well supported at any stage and with every step career, or workplace issue.


Advocate, coach, mentor and cheerleader. 


We got you. We see you.  We belive in you.

Mission Statement: 


We help you make the change to realise your potential and live your dreams

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Our Values

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